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 First Home work! [starting 19th of March]

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Ms. Dana

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PostSubject: First Home work! [starting 19th of March]   Sat Feb 27, 2010 9:29 am

Hello ladies!

the handout will be at the copy center on Mon , max! (I put it there on Sunday)

However, here is a soft copy of the hand out =3

>>[url=[/url] << you can wait till then or get it from here.

next week i will Quiz you on Unit [1] chapter[1] which is on page 7 cyclops
i will ask you to write the meaning of 2 words and the equivalent of 1 proverb (out of all that page Twisted Evil )


What is FAQ? scratch
it is short for Frequently Asked Questions. study

How am i supposed to prepare for this quiz?
well you have to :
1- find all the primary/main meaning for these words
2- memorize the English spelling of the word
3- memorize the primary/main Arabic meaning
4- open Al-Maworange Eng>Ar to the pink pages and look for the proverb.
5- don't memorize the literal translation.. get the Arabic equivalent.
6- memorize the spelling of the whole English proverb.
7- memorize the Arabic equivalent.
8- make sure you have a BLUE pen with you.

How many marks does this QUIZ have?

it has 15 marks. Rolling Eyes

15 marks on 2 words and one proverb!!!!??? affraid
no XD
we will have 7 quizzes of this type (maybe more) and they will all add up to 15.
2 marks on the words
1 mark on proverb
= 3 mark x 5 (times)=15marks

Do you care for spelling during the QUIZ? confused
Yes half the mark is on the correct spelling.

But teacher!!! i just made a mistake with ONE letter
! Crying or Very sad
If i can't trust you with just a small letter.. how am i expected to trust you with a word! or a sentence?

Can i co-operate with my friend to find the meaning of the word?
I do not discourage cooperation. However, you can do this on your own risk!
If your friend made a mistake and therefore you memorized the wrong meaning, i will not forgive you No .

What will happen if i said that i didn't know about the QUIZ? Very Happy

Then you will get a zero, my dear. As a college student, you should always be up to date!
You will have to do it like every one else.

Ok, then, What will happen if i was absent? Suspect
You will be considered as to have taken a ZERO.
I don't repeat Tests or Quizzes. You can ask your classmates, that i taught last semester.

But! but! but.. i have an excuse! albino
same thing... i don't repeat for any reason at all!

I was late but not absent.. however, i missed my QUIZ
! pale
Same thing, You will be considered as to have taken a ZERO.
Just be glad i let you attend the lecture!

By the way teacher, How many hours was i absent
? alien
I am not your personal secretary Evil or Very Mad

But you keep records! i have to know! Teacher, it's YOUR job
! Shocked
The records are mine. You, my dear, are an adult.. u can count to 5 on your own.
5 is the max hours (NOT lectures/ in lectures it is 2 and a half) that u can be absent on. Idea

But you used to tell us last semester! Neutral
I love you we learn more as we get older from experiences.

i got a private message on how the Quiz going to be like and what will i do with your homework.

i will not take it or even look at it your home work.
When i come to class, i'll take the attendance then hand out the Quiz papers.

the quiz will be like this :

translate the following :
word (1):
word (2):
proverb (1):

for example :
Control : التحكم
Anxious : قلق
Blood is thicker than water
قول الاخوة المصريين : عمر الدم ما يصير مَيَّة
+ Al-Mawrid says: أنا و أخي على إبن عمي و أنا و ابن عمي على الغريب
Even when you have a creative answer you MUST state the one that Al-Mawred provided WITH the creative answer.
Now, make sure both Arabic and English have good spelling.

  • the vowels, capital or small letters, and even Arabic (-ه-ـه - ـة-ة) or (ء-أ-إ-آ-ا).
  • Know the difference between the English comma (,) and the Arabic one (،).
  • REMEMBER: Both English and Arabic sentences end with a full stop (.).
good luck What a Face

I am tired of asking questions (>_<)
i am tired of typing answers Rolling Eyes

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Ms. Dana

Posts : 60
Join date : 2010-02-27

PostSubject: Re: First Home work! [starting 19th of March]   Sun Feb 28, 2010 3:01 pm

Asslam Alaikum , Ladies! Very Happy

One of you, pointed out that you need time to practice using the dictionary.

i was simply shocked Shocked .. lvl 3 students need to practice using the dictionary!?!? silent

I thought about it for a while and decided that if i didnt do any thing some lazy students

would go and use on line translators as google..

just for my personal amusement, i tried it my self. Laughing ill show u what i got (underlined means wrong)

Quote :

وحدة (1) : الأدب

(عن الطابع wordlist / القيادة)

did you notice how it made a stupid mixed phrase of Arabic and English?

الفصل 1

أ) القدرة ، والقبول ، والاستيعاب ، شكر ، نشط ، النشاط ، جذاب ،
وطموح ، أنيس ، والودية ، وحرصا ، والتقدير ، انطق ، حازم ، والأصول ،
واليقظة ومواقف
باء) السلوك ، جريئة ، التخزين ، شجاع

ج) الرعاية والإحسان ، والسحر ، عفيف ، مبتهج ، اللطف ، محكم ، مريحة
، والالتزام ، بين عام المعنى ، التواصل ، والجماعة ، والتعاطف ، وتكمل ،
والمساومة ، والقلق ، والثقة ، ومتضارب ، والمحافظين ، والنظر ، وثابت ،
والمحتوى ، والرقابة ، التعاون ، وتعاونية ، والشجاعة ، والشجاعة ،
والإبداع ، والإبداع ، والحاسمة ، الفضول

the crossed out words mean that they are wrong, here goes the correct answer.

take this note first : look up the word in longman or oxford Eng/Eng dictionaries
(not Eng/Eng/Ar these dictionaries are just for beginners and they dont have everything)

after looking it up in longman or oxford there is 2 ways to go:
1- first look at the title of the unit... it is about characteristics ... most likely adj. or adv
so if you have the same word as verb , adj , or adv.. choose adj/adv.
Remember: this adj is describing a person.
2- when you locate the meaning in English , start looking in your Mawrid Eng/Ar
some would wonder why not start with the Mawrid from the beginning??
the Mawrid dictionary is arranged according to historical order not popularity of use.
Also, the Mawrid puts the meaning of all parts of speech together. this will cause you confusion!
back to what i was saying : we start looking the word up in al-Mawrid.
when we locate it, start looking at all the meanings and try to find the closest one to the one u found in the Eng/Eng dictionary.
3- some times u might not find the meaning in Al-Mawrid.. if that happen try to translate the Eng/Eng meaning (be as brief as possible in arabic)

Now i'll write the correct meaning of the crossed out words:
Accommodating : لطيف و سهل المعشر
Acknowledgment: اعتراف بالأحقية او بالفضل
Amicable: سلمي
Anxious قلق
طلق اللسان/لسانه فصيح و معبر Articulate,
Asset, مصدر قوة
Attentive,يقظ و منتبه
Attitudeتصرفات او طريقة التصرف

Bonding تقوية العلاقة

Charity, صدقة
Charm, جاذبية
Coherent,مترابط منطقياً
Common-sense, أمر بديهي
Communicative, كثير الكلام بلا تحفظ
Compliments, الإطراء
Consideration,اعتبار - الرأي
Content,مكتف أو راضٍ بما لديه
Control, التحكم
Courage, الشجاعة

with this being said .. u can do the rest on your own now. i already done a alot Rolling Eyes just complete it.

oh since im doing examples i'll put an example for the proverbs :

Birds of a feather flock together. الطيور على أشكالها تقع-الطيور ذات الريش المتشابه يألف بعضها بعضاً

Blood is thicker than water.أنا و أخي على إبن عمي و أنا و ابن عمي على الغريب -الدم أشد كثافة من الماء

an example of a creative answer is (an answer not in Mawrid gets 1 mark bonus) :

Blood is thicker than water
قول الاخوة المصريين : عمر الدم ما يصير مَيَّة
+ Al-Marid says: أنا و أخي على إبن عمي و أنا و ابن عمي على الغريب


if the creative answer is repeated by more than one student, no one gets the mark.

thank you for reading the mini-lesson
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Ms. Dana

Posts : 60
Join date : 2010-02-27

PostSubject: Re: First Home work! [starting 19th of March]   Tue Mar 02, 2010 4:50 am

There is a hand-out for you if your Mawred does not have proverbs.
you can get it from the photo-copy center: "ملزمة قاموس الأمثال"
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Samar Al-Qahtani

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PostSubject: Re: First Home work! [starting 19th of March]   Thu Mar 04, 2010 7:34 pm

Asslam Alaikum , teacher ..

thank you for the description , but I have a question
* I hope it allowed to us asking and commenting Rolling Eyes

there are some words that you write their meaning as examples of showing
to us how can we translate them !
but they are not in the hand out !
e.g. Amicable: سلمي
so what should we study ?
and even if the answer is ( both )
what about other letters !
are there some words out the page 7 we have to study it !!?

that‘s it Cool
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Ms. Dana

Posts : 60
Join date : 2010-02-27

PostSubject: Re: First Home work! [starting 19th of March]   Fri Mar 05, 2010 1:03 pm

no need to. They were from the OLD hand out , which i edited this semester , but i thought this would help guide you.
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PostSubject: Re: First Home work! [starting 19th of March]   

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First Home work! [starting 19th of March]
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